Habanero Creamy Pasta Sauce l Original Cheesy Pizza Pasta Sauce l 100% Vegetarian & Natural Ingredients |350G

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TRADITIONAL ITALIAN STYLE – Habanero creamy pasta sauce is creamy and velvety and is infused with herbs and chilli flakes.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS – The delicious Spicy creamy sauce is made from fresh and natural ingredients sourced locally in India. Our herbs and chillies are picked at the peak of flavor for an incredibly tasty classic and fresh sauce. Authentic taste and a delectable flavourful sauce.

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HOW TO USE – Use it as dip with your fries, chicken wings, add some mozzarella cheese, feta cheese fresh & pizza seasoning. Sauté with fresh vegetables, add the sauce to Penne Pasta or whole wheat pasta to make a delicious pasta for your family. Add cheddar cheese or amul cheese slice or cream cheese to make delicious cheese spread. Pour over nachos.

BE DESI – Use as a creamy base for any of your Indian Veg or Non veg dishes. Enjoy with meat, chicken fish, paneer or organic vegetables. Next time you make Maggie noodles or rice noodle use habanero creamy pasta sauce with some garlic powder.

NUMBER OF SERVINGS – With this pack you can enjoy 4 Servings. 100% Vegetarian

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS – Refrigerate once opened and always use dry spoon.

SHELF LIFE – 6 Months from date of packaging. We take care that products sent out are from the freshest batch. Use within 7 days of opening the bottle.

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