Creamy Pasta Sauce + Tortilla Wraps Pack of 2

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A COMBO OF TRADITIONAL ITALIAN STYLE & MEXICAN STYLE JUST GOT EVEN HEALTHIER – Add some flavour to your life with unforgettable combo of Tortilla Wraps and Creamy Pasta Sauce. Habanero creamy cheesy pasta sauce is creamy and velvety and is infused with herbs and chilli flakes for a kick and adding more to this combo we have the traditional MEXICAN Style Tortilla Wraps which are extremely convenient for on-the-go consumption or healthy cooking at home.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS Made from a variety of fine flours with the richness of Multigrain, Ragi, Oats, Barley and Maize, our multigrain tortilla wraps take taste and health to a whole new level! They are the perfect base for rolls, wraps, burritos, samosas, and anything that you want to wrap with love! And this delicious spicy creamy sauce is made from fresh and natural ingredients sourced locally in India. Our herbs and chilies are picked at the peak of flavor for an incredibly tasty white pasta sauce. Authentic spicy flavorful sauce

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