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Press release:

‘Why Franchise’ by David Griffith : Franchise India

David Griffith is the Founder and CEO of Habanero Foods International. Speaking at Restaurant India 2016, Bengaluru, he talks ‘ Why one should franchise’ and how is franchising helping him grow his businesses.   Watch more at:

From Subway to Habanero, how a Bengaluru entrepreneur makes Rs 1.5Cr revenue by selling sauces

Griffith David owns six Subway outlets and used this experience to start Mexican restaurant Habanero. Then, he decided to pivot to a retailing business for sauces and dips. Read more at:

Add some zing to your plate with the new Spicy Pasta Sauce by Habanero-7-4-2020

Weekends: Habanero Foods International:MONEY FM 89.3

Add some zing to your plate with the new Sriracha Chilli Sauce by Habanero-1-4-2020