Eat this: 6 Food Combos So Weird That They’re Actually Good!

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We all have a certain liking towards cuisines, but have you ever thought about mixing it up? We’re going to give you reasons to try! Knowing that we will probably never understand who or what was going on when PB&J sandwiches were made, here’s some weird combos we found surprisingly worth a shot!

  1. Sriracha and Peanut Butter
    PB&J – meet PB&S! Sriracha Sauce is a delicious mix of fermented jalapeno chili pepper, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar. The sugar in this gives it a sweetish after taste that compliments the peanut butter, while the PB takes care of Sriracha’s spice levels. Slap it all together for a delicious sandwich snack.
  2. Hot Sauce and Ice Cream
    An adventurous combination for the daring! Drizzle Habanero’s Hot Sauce over some ice cream to give it a spicy punch.
  3. Pizzas with honey
    We’re willing to be quoted on this one. Honey is a great for offsetting the saltiness of meats on a pizza (like pepperoni). Habanero’s Spicy Pasta Sauce is a great base for any veg or non-veg pizza. Once prepared, top it off with some honey for that delicious touch.
  4. Chocolate Chile BBQ Sauce
    Yes you read that right. Originally conceptualised by a chef in South Carolina, this sauce has grown to be a favourite among the foodie community. Take the Habanero Spicy BBQ Sauce and add some unsweetened cocoa powder and white sugar. Marinate any red meat and let it rest for an hour. Put it on the grill to barbecue. You can also cook it on a high flame for a bit so the meat gets a caramelized feel to it.
  5. Tortilla Chocolate Wrap
    One more for the chocolate lovers! Spread a lavish serving of Nutella on the Habanero Tortilla Wrap. Add a layer of sliced bananas and strawberries. Wrap it up and serve!
  6. Salsa
    Who said salsa is only for chips! Try it with lettuce leaves, pancakes or mix it with some traditional hummus to give it a culinary twist.

Now that we can say all these combos might be given a shot, Habanero Foods has got the perfect line up of sauces, salsa and wraps to aid to your culinary experiments. Visit today!

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