5 Junk Foods’ That Are Really Good For Your Body

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The sad, sad thoughts about having to let go of your cravings to be fit and healthy just crushes the heart doesn’t it? Well not anymore! Here are some commonly loved foods that we absolutely don’t have to give up!

  1. Tortilla Wraps
    You could argue that tortillas wraps are just not healthy. But here’s a fact that brings back some joy! Tortillas are made of whole flour, corn or wheat; that makes them healthy! Load these with fresh veggies, cheese and meat to make a tasty burrito or quesadilla. Next time look out for high fibre and whole grain tortilla to add a healthy twist to your tasty snack.
  2. Hot Sauce
    When was the last time you felt like dousing your favourite snack in hot sauce, but refrained from it because it wasn’t good for health?  Spicy foods, such as chilli, horseradish, ginger and cayenne pepper, can increase your metabolism by up to 50% after eating. So be liberal with the hot sauce/sriracha chilli sauce and of course some spicy salsa.
  3. Peri-peri sauce
    Peri-Peri chilli seeds are rich in Vitamins A, B, and C. They also have capsaicin, which enhances your mood: the pupils dilate, metabolic rates increase, and there’s a rush of endorphins when you consume it! Peri-Peri is a natural preservative that prevents us from adding weird or unnatural ingredients to our spicy sauces, so go on and get saucy!
  4. Salsa
    The latino dance form can definitely help you burn off those unwanted calories! But we’re talking about the Mexican dip here! Salsa can be a great low-calorie condiment to add to your diet. Two tablespoons (30 ml) of salsa have only 10 calories so we have nothing to fret about now do we? Pair it up with baked chips, carrots, cucumber sticks and many other sides to make a great snack.
  5. Sriracha Sauce
    This sauce is delicious mix of fermented jalapeno chili pepper, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar. It contains capsaicin, the pytochemical responsible for the spiciness of peppers, actually boosts your metabolism. It also helps warm your body and improve the flow of blood from the heart to points throughout the body. So next time you pour it over your meal, know your taste buds and your waistline are sharing the benefits.

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